Jack’s Bay Crib


90 sqm


Light House

The site is in Jacks Bay located on southeastern corner of the South Islands in the Caitlin’s region. The bay has an isolated community of about 30 (quintessential) crib’s.  The coastline has an untouched beauty to it and is exposed to high winds, cold temperatures, sea salt spray and large swells. The bay is frequented by seals and sea lions and penguins. North of Jack’s Bay is the Nugget Point Lighthouse built is 1870’s a historically significant building and one of NZ’s oldest light house.

Our design response was to create a simple single volume building that responds to both the local landscape, climate and context and re-interprets the Nugget Point lighthouse.


2021 Southern Architecture Award - Housing: Jack’s Bay Crib

2021 Resene Colour Award - Housing