Location Unmatched

March 7 2024

New Zealand’s residential architecture continues to get good press from the Brits…

George Clarke of Amazing Spaces was a forerunner when he declared our little corner downunder one of the most amazing places on Earth and now, hot on the heels of designer/writer Kevin McLoud’s visit to our shores (him of Grand Designs fame), Aotearoa has put on a spectacularly sunny show for Location, Location, Location frontman Phil Spencer.

Billing himself as “the man who puts up with Kirstie Allsop”, his co-host, we can confirm that Phil is just as affable in real life as he is on the popular TV series. We were pleased to meet him in Central Otago – what more emblematic location could you wish for? - where he spent an entire day accompanied by five or six crew (an impressive number we’re unaccustomed to within our local film industry) shooting an RTA Studio project to be included as part of an upcoming six-part series.

Look out for Mountain House on New Zealand’s Best Homes with Phil Spencer to be screened on UK television but also on TVNZ in the middle of the year.

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