In Remarkable Company

December 4 2020

An international jury acknowledges Arrowtown House in the 2020 Architecture Master Prize

Entering international awards allows us to benchmark our work against that of the worldwide profession and celebrate the connectedness of the architectural community. So we were pleased when an international jury acknowledged Arrowtown House in the 2020 Architecture Master Prize.

The house is a robust expression that is fitting within the alpine context and nestles into the contours of the site. Fragmented in form, five separate pavilions radiate around a cobbled courtyard. These are set up as view catchers and the materials used to clad them – rock and rusted steel – reference the natural landscape and the history of this area as a gold-mining district. In the living pavilions, rooflines slope up to pay homage to the mountains while in the bedrooms, these dip down in a reverence that concentrates the view.

The Architecture Master Prize has the goal of advancing the appreciation of architecture worldwide and we feel privileged to be in such good company. See more here