Appointment with the Future

December 6 2021

This RTA Studio revamp is about making the most of today whilst also future prepping - looking to the next generation for the sustainability of the business

At RTA Studio, we’re proud that our work across all building typologies has garnered enthusiastic support from a growing list of clients from every sector – from homeowners to retailers, educational institutions, the arts, commercial entities and government departments. This diversity and commitment to excellence has meant that our practice has doubled in size over six years.

Growing from a business with 20 staff and a sole director in 2015, to a studio where we currently have 40 team members, has brought with it phenomenal opportunity. Now, to maintain the highest standards of design and delivery, we’re restructuring the management team so we can continue to achieve the results we are known for.

The primary outcome of this reorganisation will be to distribute the management tasks among a greater number, spreading the load, so that our architects can do what they do best: design good buildings. The streamlined plan will also set up a pathway to directorship, introducing two new layers of management. It’s all about making the most of today while also future prepping – looking to the next generation for the sustainability of the business.

Founding director Richard Naish will relinquish most of his operational duties and take up the role of Creative Director, to enjoy the hands-on aspects of nurturing and steering the architectural team. As Executive Director, he will also focus on client service and business strategy.

Directors Ben Hayes and Ben Dallimore will move to become joint Managing Directors, assuming some of Richard’s former responsibilities.

We are also pleased to announce the appointment of Moshin Mussa, Adam Dwen and David Wright as Associate Directors. Moshin has been with us almost 10 years and Adam just over a decade. They are based in our Auckland studio and will assist in running the team. David is based in our Hawkes Bay studio where he heads up a busy programme (see the article on the museum storage facility in Hastings in this newsletter).

Finally, RTA Studio is happy to welcome three new associates – a new, entry level layer of the management team. Our congratulations to Catherine Doo, Jun Park and Matthew Wyatt, who will take up their duties in the new year.

“With this revamped structure in place, the practice is well set up to streamline everyday workflow, while simultaneously looking to the future. Most importantly, though, we’ll be able to concentrate our efforts on what we love doing – crafting architecture that makes a positive contribution,” says Richard Naish.